Honey collecting is an important part of our work and it depends to a large extent on the flowering calendar.

Each season has its own peculiarities, such as humidity or brightness, which will mark the flowering of different species. For this reason, the collecting of honey will depend on the flowering month of each plant and we, as beekeepers must know and manage the time correctly to achieve a good harvest. 

Which plants bloom in each season?

For us, the season begins in the month of April. Depending on their botanical origin, we collect different types of honey until October. 

The first to bloom will be some types of heather and eucalyptus trees, which will mark the start of the beekeeping season. Once the temperature rises and there’s more luminosity, it will be the brambles and chestnut trees turn. During summer, the protagonists are heather and oak trees. And lastly, during late summer and the beginning of autumn, the calluna and the strawberry tree will be the last to blossom.

Honey, available all year round

While it is true that each season has its specific honey, at LAPUELA Honey we work to have most of our varieties of honey available throughout the whole year. For this reason, no matter what month of the year we are in, you can taste all of the honey types we have at any time.

If you have not yet tried our honey, it is important that you know that each honey type has its own organoleptic characteristics, depending on the nectar of each flower and also being of key importance, the flowering time.

Now you just have to choose the type of honey you want, place your order in our online shop and enjoy it as you please 😉


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