Three of our honey types have won awards at the prestigious London Honey Awards this Saturday, June 26th. Both our Strawberry Tree Honey, our Oak Honey and our Forest Honey have received distinctions for their high quality.

An award is always synonymous with joy, especially because it is in recognition of the work we have carried out throughout the year. At LAPUELA Honey we are delighted that three of our honey types have been honoured in the renowned London Honey Awards.

These awards acknowledge the value of our day-to-day work in which our honey is the result of a very meticulous production process from beginning to end, starting with the treatment of our hives and ending with the packaging and shipping. All this is thought out and designed so that you can enjoy all our products with their properties intact. 

Internationally recognised honey

The London Honey Awards are one of the most influential international competitions in the world of beekeeping. Every year, they acknowledge the best honey, producers, beekeepers and distributors that encourage and promote the consumption of quality honey.

In the 2020 edition, Summer Heather Honey and Chestnut Honey were awarded with a gold and silver medal respectively. In 2021, the protagonists have been Oak Honey, Forest Honey and Strawberry Tree Honey. 

In this edition, our Forest Honey was distinguished with the platinum medal while our Oak Honey and Strawberry Tree Honey have both been awarded a gold medal. A great acknowledgment to the exceptional quality of our 3 honeys.

We are very pleased and grateful for having our honey awarded once more.


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